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Bunions or valgus toes are a type of degeneration that causes the foot to become deformed. The problem concerns women more often, because apart from genetic factors, factors such as overweight, wearing high-heeled shoes, standing work, and flat feet also have an impact on the development of the disease.

Bunions, the genesis of formation

bunion problem Excessive strain on the forefoot is the main cause of hallux formation. In addition, the pointed tip of the shoe favors it, which increases the pressure on the front of the foot, especially the transverse arch of the foot. Initially, this leads to transverse flatfoot, deformation of the toes and ultimately also to pain.

Due to deformation, the foot works differently, the weight of the body is not distributed evenly, the main toe is no longer a support when walking, the structures stabilizing the foot deteriorate. The muscles of the foot weaken and the edge of the foot is exposed to excessive strain. Wrong finger positioning leads to degenerative changes in the joint. This creates a poorly aesthetic and painful swelling at the base of the joint on the inside of the foot.

The change becomes apparent, but at this stage hardly anyone decides to see a doctor, only when the change is very advanced and therefore painful, they decide to seek specialist help.

At this stage, even buying shoes is a problem because the shoes alternately pressurize around the joint and cause pain.

Symptoms accompanying the disease include exudative bursitis at the height of the metatarsophalangeal joint, thickening of the epidermis that causes painful symptoms due to pressure, and an increase in the metatarsal joint collapse may also increase.

Buniduo Gel Comfort – corrective apparatus removing bunions

buniduo gel comfort Surgical intervention is not always necessary. If we start the fight with bunions early enough, the problem can be solved in a simpler way. Buniduo Gel Comfort is a corrective device, the use of which is simple and effective. This is a way to get your feet back in their proper, healthy shape. Buniduo Gel Comfort straightens the big finger in a completely natural way, thus removing inflammation, pain, tension and swelling.

In the case of bunions, it is important to start fighting them from the very first moments. Buniduo Gel Comfort is a corrective device that allows the feet to be restored to their proper shape and efficiency. It is an ideal alternative to surgical procedures that are similarly effective but invasive.

Wearing the braces gradually straightens the finger, restores proper blood circulation in the foot, restoring its healthy appearance. Inflammation is reduced, which reduces pain, tension, swelling and, above all, discomfort that occurs with bunions.

Operation of the Buniduo Gel Comfort apparatus

  • removes bunions by setting the toe in the right position, improving the stabilization of the foot, so it also reduces deformation
  • reduces pain by fighting inflammation, reducing swelling and corns. It also improves blood circulation in the foot and removes discomfort while walking
  • strengthens the joints, prevents further damage, improves the flexibility of the ankle joint

Such effects are obtained as a result of regular wearing of the Buniduo Gel Comfort apparatus. The camera is comfortable and universal, it adapts to any type of footwear.

You can wear it both during the day and at night. A slight discomfort while wearing the hearing aid indicates that the hearing aid is working properly.

buniduo gel comfort bunion cure

How is Buniduo Gel Comfort assumed and used?

Loosen the strap on the apparatus, then put the front part on the inside of the big toe and a sponge on the bunion. The strap wraps around the outside of the foot and fastens the hook on the corrector. The corrector should press lightly on the big toe. Make sure the camera is steady. Slowly, slowly, the strap must tighten more and more.

The apparatus allows the toe to be straightened naturally. It adapts to the size of the foot, improving the shape of the foot and removing swelling and abrasions as well as painful inflammation.

The apparatus removes bunions by acting directly on the diseased joint, placing the big finger in the correct position. Therefore, it also eliminates pain and inflammation, limiting the number of swellings or corns. Walking is therefore easier, more stable and more comfortable. The apparatus also strengthens the joints and prevents their further damage. It also increases the flexibility of the ankle joint.

For such effects to be possible, the camera should be worn systematically. You may experience slight discomfort while wearing the hearing aid, but this is because the hearing aid is working properly. However, it is not a feeling strong enough to affect your normal daily activity or rest.

buniduo gel comfort treatment for bunions

Contraindications for using Buniduo Gel Comfort

The camera cannot be used

  • people with diabetes
  • people with cardiovascular disorders
  • minors

Buniduo – FAQ

Is it difficult to put on and wear the hearing aid?

The camera is easy to use. It is easy to put on and is not associated with any pain or inconvenience that would be difficult to bear. It can even be used while sleeping.

Putting on the camera is not particularly difficult. The camera is universal, it fits practically any type of footwear. 1. Loosen the strap on the camera 2. put on the corrector so that the front part is on the inside of the big toe and the sponge covers the bunion 3. The strap wraps around the outer part of the foot and then fastens the corrector hook 4. The belt should slightly press the big toe 5. Together while wearing the corrector, the strap should be tightened more and more.

Is the Buniduo Gel Comfort device effective?

The appliance largely consists of orthopedic plastic that has been proven to have a corrective effect. Proper putting it on and wearing it systematically allows you to gradually straighten the toe and correct the appearance of the foot.

Is the effectiveness of Buniduo Gel Comfort confirmed by tests?

Buniduo Gel Comfort is an alternative to invasive surgical procedures. In independent studies on a group of volunteers, it has been proven that the apparatus effectively solves the problem of bunions and accompanying symptoms.

The corrector has been thoroughly tested before it hit the market. The results clearly dispel any doubts. Systematic wearing of the Buniduo Gel Comfort apparatus allows you to quickly correct the appearance of the foot.

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