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vesselivit Vesselivit is an innovative product that can make the world a bit happier. And it will definitely improve the lives of the female part of the population. The patches contain a number of active compounds that stimulate the libido in women.

How do they work? We decided to check it out. We drew the opinions of women who used the product, as well as specialists.

How was Vesselivit rated? We cordially invite you to read the product review.

Sexual dysfunction and lack of libido in women

Female sexual dysfunction and a lack of libido are caused by a combination of various factors, both mental and physical. According to loss of interest in sex, also known as Hypoactive sexual , is an example of the most common sexual dysfunction in women of all ages.

Recent studies have shown that almost 1/3 of people between 18 and 59 years old suffer from it. The most important reasons include:

  • Exposure to stress and depression.
  • Modern, fast lifestyle.
  • Taking certain medications and using stimulants excessively.
  • Overweight and obesity, unbalanced diet.
  • Hormonal disorders (e.g. hypothyroidism, hyperprolactinaemia, polycystic ovary syndrome).
  • Relationship problems.

What many people don’t realize is that the problems play out at the cellular and chemical levels. They are often associated with a deficiency of specific substances and compounds. The body has the ability to regenerate also in this aspect, but it needs a little help.

Vesselivit patches are an indispensable help, which replenish the deficiencies, stimulate the body and thus increase the desire and the feeling of pleasure from sex.

Vesselivit indications for use

Vesselivit patches can be used by all women, regardless of age, who have a libido problem, do not experience the joy of sex, have rare or short orgasms and feel exhausted. At the same time, the product is useful for those women who want to increase their sensations.

It is a great alternative for people who for some reason (e.g. stomach problems) cannot take orally similar agents.

The product should not be used by pregnant women and nursing mothers. This is due to the lack of research on these two separate groups.

How does transdermal libido treatment work in women?

Vesselivit patches improve libido on the basis of transdermal therapy . After sticking them on the skin, active compounds that have a beneficial effect on the body gradually penetrate the bloodstream (in this case stimulate and increase sexual performance).

The action of this unusual supplement is efficient and long-lasting. The product works temporarily, but over time it helps the body get back on track.

The most important properties of Vesselivit:

  • Increasing libido, greater desire for sex;
  • Increasing the pleasure of sex;
  • Greater sexual performance and vitality.
  • More frequent, longer and stronger orgasms.
  • Restoring balance to the body (facilitating self-repair).

Natural ingredients of the Vesselivit supplement

Vesselivit is in the form of an active patch. It contains a number of active compounds derived from natural ingredients – gifts of nature. Therefore, it is safe and easily absorbed by the body. The most important ingredients:

  • Extract of Ginkgo ( Ginkgo Biloba ) – leaves of this tree are valuable properties: increase libido, give you energy and improve blood supply to the tissues responsible for triggering orgasm. They relax the blood vessels. They are a good source of bioflavonoids.
  • Muira Puama bark extract ( Ptychopetalum Olacoides ) – is a strong, natural aphrodisiac that increases libido and the feeling of pleasure. It has been used by the indigenous people of South America for centuries. It also works as an antidepressant, eliminating one of the more serious reasons for the lack of libido.
  • Tribulus terrestris extract – fruit soothes sexual dysfunction, strengthens the body, increases endurance, lengthens and increases the strength of orgasms. Additionally, they accelerate fat burning and help fight polycystic ovary syndrome ( PCOS ).
  • Damiana herb extract ( Turnera diffusa Willdenow) – has a stimulating effect, increases libido, reduces depression and alleviates menstrual disorders.
  • Ginseng Root Extract ( Panax ginseng ) – is called “the all-drug”. It has a positive effect on the body and mind. The ginsenosides contained in it increase libido in both women and men.
  • Goji berry extract ( Lycium barbarum ) – fruit relieve menopausal symptoms, increase libido and sexual performance. They help with weight loss.

How to use Vesselivit?

The use of Vesselivit is very easy. Only one patch is used at a time.

  1. Open the sachet along the cut line and remove the patch.
  2. Put the patch on the dry skin of the upper arm or shoulder blade. The skin in this area should be clean. Do not use any cosmetics in the area.
  3. Hold the patch for a few seconds so that it sticks well over the entire surface. Leave it on for 24 hours, then take it off and stick a new one elsewhere.

The patch is intended for external use only. You can take a bath or shower with it, but avoid getting wet. It comes off in contact with water.

Vesselivit should not be used on irritated and damaged skin.

Opinions of women who have used Vesselivit

  • I can enjoy sex again“After years of marriage, my sex life actually stopped. I didn’t feel like it, and rather treated it as a duty to my husband. I did not feel great pleasure either. I felt guilty about it. That’s why I decided to try Vesselivit. The effect exceeded all expectations. We discovered a second youth with my husband. We don’t feel like getting out of bed. “
  • Orgasm after orgasm“Vesselivit gave me what I needed. Previously, orgasms were rare. From the moment I started putting the patch on, something wild inside me. We took our partner to a higher level. It’s gorgeous! “
  • Vesselivit actually works! “At first, I didn’t believe that a patch on my arm could increase my libido. Because how? At the urging of my friend, I decided to try it, although without much conviction. After just a few days of using the patches, the opportunity to test came (my husband returned from the tour). It wasn’t bad before, I had no right to complain. But now sex was on some other level. As if we rediscovered ourselves. I don’t think we let our neighbors sleep that night 🙂 “

Opinions of specialists about the product

  • “At work, I have contact with women who are not satisfied with their sex life. They feel guilty about it, they also feel inferior to others and at the same time at risk. Sex is fundamental to a relationship. It’s a binder. That is why it is worth using all the solutions that will help to raise this topic to a higher level. Vesselivit fulfills these functions. Solves the problem of a lack of libido. I highly recommend ”Owner of a psychological clinic
  • “The lack of libido in women is nothing special, many representatives of the fair sex suffer from such ailment. The reasons are different. However, it is worth noting that it depends on the chemistry. Therefore, the body can be helped by providing it with the necessary substances. Vesselivit works well in this regard. My clients are happy to use it. They are very pleased. “Psychologist

What are the advantages of Vesselivit? – our opinion

Vesselivit is an effective libido treatment. It is a product that will help women with various sexual disorders. It will restore the desire and increase the joy of sex.

This is not only the opinion of the editorial office, but also of a huge number of women recommending the product on the forum and specialists.

It has a complex, valuable – and equally important – natural composition. A convenient form of use is an additional advantage.

The package contains 30 patches. It lasts for a month.

Where to buy Vesselivit? Our recommendation

Vesselivit is a reputable product that is distributed in an unusual way. The manufacturer sells it only on its official website (link below). Such action also guarantees the receipt of the original product.

At the same time, however, the Vesselivit got fakes. They are cheaper, but have poor quality, worse (often synthetic) composition and do not give satisfactory results. To ensure that you are 100% satisfied with your purchase, we recommend that you follow the rules below.

Vesselivit is a product that helps women regain the joy of life and increases the level of happiness. Combats a variety of sexual disorders and allows you to rise with your partner to the heights of possibilities. Thanks to the patches, sex goes to another dimension.

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