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carattia cream Wrinkles appearing on the skin of the face are one of the first and most visible signs of skin aging. Although scientists have been trying for centuries to find a miracle cure that would effectively eliminate this process, so far it has not been possible to completely stop the aging process.

However, there are preparations available on the market that significantly limit it. One of them is a Swiss cream called Carattia Cream.

Wrinkles – a sign of passing time

In modern understanding, the skin is the largest organ of our body, fulfilling many important functions, and the most exposed to external factors. It is the first protective barrier of the system, it must oppose a whole lot of harmful factors every day, which include, among others, viruses, bacteria, but also ultraviolet radiation and chemical irritants.

Something that is used intensively sooner or later wears out – this also applies to the skin, and it makes no sense to look for a magical way to stop this process completely.

Wrinkles are in fact disturbances in the structure of the skin and its deep skeleton, which can include muscles and tendons.

In the area of wrinkles, collagen and elastin fibers, responsible for the elasticity and tension of the skin, diverge, which makes the surface of the coating visible smaller or larger, more or less deep furrows.

Nowadays, it is primarily an aesthetic problem, although a very large number of women, unable to come to terms with the aging process of the skin, feel great psychological discomfort because of it.

The problem is even more serious because the first signs of aging, in the form of mimic wrinkles, can be noticed already after the age of 20!

How do we divide wrinkles?

  • carattia cream for wrinkles One of the most noticeable lines is the expression lines visible on the skin of the face. They are visible during the contractions of the head muscles, when expressing emotions – laughing, crying or grimacing. Under the influence of damaging factors, the skin weakens and expression lines are fixed. The eye area, forehead and the area between the eyebrows are particularly vulnerable to this type of wrinkle.
  • Another sign of skin aging is gravity wrinkles related to the action of gravity. They most often appear around the eyelids, on the neck and cheeks. An important factor in the formation of these lesions is the slow decline in the activity of the sebaceous glands, which prevents the skin from being properly moisturized. The loss of hyaluronic acid also plays a major role in this process.
  • The last type of wrinkles is structural damage , conditioned by a change in the genetic code of skin cells. They may be the result of excessive exposure to UV radiation (long-term sunbathing, use of the solarium), as well as congenital defects.

Carattia Cream – or how to reduce wrinkles to a minimum?

Carattia Cream for wrinkles was created as a much cheaper, and most importantly, a safer alternative to expensive and not always bringing the desired results of subcutaneous injections with hyaluronic acid and other compounds. The composition of the cream, developed in Swiss laboratories, is based mainly on easily digestible ingredients of biological origin.

  • Thanks to the presence of 24-carat gold microparticles , Carattia Cream relaxes the mimic muscles, which is visible as the effect of an immediate lifting – mimic lines become less and less visible, and finally disappear completely.
  • The addition of the innovative DHMC complex blocks the secretion of substances responsible for skin degeneration, and also increases the production of collagen and elastins, which are its micro scaffold.
  • The reduction of mimic wrinkles also requires the reduction of swelling, which most often forms near the eye apparatus. An effective substance that prevents this from happening is acetyl-5-tetrapeptide.
  • Carattia Cream, in addition to its anti-wrinkle effect, also has a protective effect. The original complex of ingredients AutréAbsorb and 5S DiamondBalm strengthen the internal structure of the skin and create a delicate film on its surface, which effectively protects the body against the penetration of microorganisms.
  • The list of active ingredients is completed by PPG 3 miryinate benzyl ether, which brightens the skin and gives it a beautiful peach color and healthy appearance.

The effectiveness of the Swiss formula is confirmed by research

Research by Swiss and (yes) American scientists has shown that the active ingredients contained in Carattia Cream, with regular use, visibly reduce mimic wrinkles.

According to the manufacturer’s information, you will have to wait about a month for optimal results, but many women noticed them after a dozen or so days of use – it all depends on the advancement of the aging process and the individual characteristics of the body. Currently, cream tests are carried out in our country, to which nearly 100,000 compatriots have been invited – the vast majority of them already declare the high effectiveness of the preparation and the willingness to buy a monthly treatment.

Is it worth using Carattia Cream? Where to buy? Our opinion

So it’s clear that Carattia Cream is an effective and inexpensive alternative to dangerous surgical procedures.

Although the effects of using the cream do not appear immediately, we avoid the long process of painful convalescence and reduce the likelihood of complications. And those in aesthetic medicine appear quite often – if not immediately, then after several months or even years.

To avoid problems caused by non-original preparations, it is best to order the product from the website of the official distributor in our country. Then we will be sure that the treatment will bring the best expected results.

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