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chevelo shampoo Not thick, damaged hair with a tendency to fall out excessively is a problem for many women and men. In such cases, conditioners and other cosmetics are often used to improve the growth and condition of the hair.

Meanwhile, you can choose a shampoo that has several functions. It takes care of the hair comprehensively, reduces breaking, falling out and split ends.

Chevelo Shampoo fulfills this task very well. How to use it and where to buy it?

Chevelo Shampoo and Hair Loss

Hair loss is a natural process, an average of 50-100 hairs is lost per day, according to healthline.com. The problem begins when the loss is multiplied and noticeable. The reasons vary – from a lack of vitamins and other nutrients to improper care and genetics.

According to the American Hair Loss Association , 95% of male hair loss is associated with androgenetic alopecia. However, while men handle the situation relatively well, women treat it as a drama. In both cases, however, it is worth remedying the problem as soon as possible. A good way is to regularly wash your head with Chevelo Shampoo shampoo, which contains peeling particles and vitamin A.

Chevelo Shampoo indications

Chevelo Shampoo is a shampoo with comprehensive, versatile action, intended for women and men. There are no contraindications for its use, except for sensitivity to any of the ingredients described below. However, this is a marginal issue, as there are no cases of allergies.

The cosmetic is suitable for hair and scalp care for everyone. It has a rich composition with a predominance of components of natural origin.

The effects of shampooing on hair loss:

  • Reducing hair loss and baldness;
  • Strengthening the hair from the root (reducing brittleness and split ends);
  • Hair nourishment and growth stimulation / acceleration;
  • Giving hair a healthy shine;
  • Cleansing, softening and nourishing the scalp;
  • Better blood supply to the skin;
  • Counteracting adverse changes such as dandruff and seborrhea. Alleviating inflammation;
  • Regulating the work of sebum.

The composition of Chevelo Shampoo – about how to properly use the gifts of nature

  • Coltsfoot flower extract ( Tussilago farfara ) – contains, among others glycosides, organic acids, mucilages, tannins and inulin. Creates a protective layer on the skin. It soothes irritations, accelerates the healing of micro-injuries and fights inflammation. It indirectly fights dandruff and other unpleasant skin ailments. Regulates the work of sebum . At the same time, it stimulates hair growth. In cosmetics, it is often used for the care of oily skin and hair. The common coltsfoot is the cousin of the asters. It is common on several continents. It has been known as a medicinal plant since the Middle Ages. Its use was recommended, among others, by Hippocrates and Pliny the Elder.
  • Cinchona pubescens ( Cinchona pubescens) bark extract is a rich source of quinine , formerly commonly used to treat malaria. Already the Incas enjoyed its benefits. Today it works very well as an ingredient in cosmetics. It has a strong strengthening effect. It prevents hair loss and breaking. Nourishes hair and scalp. It improves the blood supply to the epidermis and thus stimulates growth. Accelerates wound healing. Chinowiec is a tree found in South America, in the Andes.
  • Thyroid bajkajska ( Scutellaria baicalensis ) – is a perennial that is used in a wide range of herbal medicine and cosmetics. It is naturally found in Russia, Mongolia, and China, but has inhabited much of Europe. Research on its composition probably began as early as 1910. Almost 300 active compounds have been isolated over the course of over a century. These include, among others to the group of flavonoids , tannins, phenolic acids, alkaloids, sterols and polysaccharides. The most important flavonoids are baicalein and wogonin . The thyroid gland has many beneficial properties: it inhibits hair loss and reduces brittleness, regenerates the hair structure, stimulates new growth, restores shine to the hair and gives a feeling of refreshment and nourishment. Extends the anangenic phase of hair (the phase of rapid growth). Additionally, it has a positive effect on the condition of the skin.
  • Capixyl – it is an extract of red clover flowers ( Trifolium pratense ) and peptides (Acetyl Tetrapeptide-3). Raw material won the Innovation Zone Best Ingredient Award 2011. It has an innovative formula. It accelerates hair growth and inhibits enzymes responsible for baldness and hair weakening. It also has a positive effect on the care of the skin around the hair follicles. It improves blood circulation and skin activity.
  • Arginine – is a natural amino acid with a strong moisturizing effect. It not only moisturizes the epidermis, but also reaches the deeper layers of the skin. It is an invaluable addition in cosmetics for the care of dry and atopic skin. It soothes skin irritations, which is why it is often included in peelings. Biochemically, it is a precursor to the production of nitric oxide, i.e. a substance that causes vasodilation, and thus – better nourishment of the skin, hair follicles and hair strengthening. The compound is produced from raw sugar.

Chevelo Shampoo additionally contains particles for peeling (scalp care) and vitamin A (retinol). The last compound improves the metabolism of hair follicles and the metabolism of horny cells in the scalp epithelium. Its target function in this case is to strengthen the hair. Vitamin A deficiency causes hair to become brittle, dry and fall out excessively.

How to use Chevelo Shampoo – anti-hair loss shampoo?

The use of Chevelo Shampoo is no different to any other. A small amount should be applied to wet hair. It is massaged into the skin with gentle movements for about 2-3 minutes. Then rinse it off (preferably with lukewarm or warm water) for 5-10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly is very important. Avoid contact with the eyes (if necessary, rinse them thoroughly with water). The weekly frequency depends on individual needs. Usually it is not necessary to wash your hair with a shampoo every day. The product is stored at room temperature, out of the reach of small children.

Chevelo Shampoo – user reviews

  • My hair is thick and healthy again! – My health has deteriorated significantly since the last year. I have noticed that my condition is worse and I get sick more often. The changes were visible even on the hair, which became thinner, split and fell out massively. I finally took up for myself. And as it turned out, the worst thing was to “repair” the hair. I used anti-hair loss conditioners and shampoos, but my hair was only fluffy for a few hours after shampooing. The effect was therefore fragile and unsatisfactory for me. My hairstyle was tragic and I even considered cutting my hair short. For the reconstruction. The hairdresser advised me against it. She recommended trying Chevelo Shampoo. I had nothing to lose. And in fact, after the first application, I noticed a difference. The hair became fluffy and took on a shine. After a few weeks of washing, they stopped falling out massively. The new growths became denser and stronger. I don’t regret it, today I only use this shampoo. I will not change it for any other!
  • No more dandruff – I have used various anti-dandruff shampoos but nothing has helped. Even those recommended in pharmacies did not work. I tried well-known brands, but also looked for niche cosmetics. All the more surprising is the fact that I achieved my goal when I finally gave up on the experiments and reached for my wife’s shampoo. Chevelo Shampoo prevented her from excessive hair loss and fought dandruff for me within 4-5 weeks. The hair is of course much thicker. In addition, alopecia decreased. Same pluses for me.
  • Using Chevelo Shampoo has turned good into great!I bought Chevelo Shampoo after a friend’s recommendation. I didn’t have a problem with falling out, I didn’t have dandruff or any other skin problem. My hairstyle was flawless, or so I thought. But I wanted to change something, try something new. The previously used shampoo kept the level, but it wasn’t great. Here I thought it would be similar. I felt the difference after a few weeks. The hair, though it seemed unlikely, got even thicker and stronger. As if they were thicker than before. In addition, they attracted attention with their brilliance. Previously it was very good, now my hairstyle looks like hair shampoo commercials! I’m delighted. That’s why I took a moment to recommend Chevelo Shampoo on the forum. Others should know about him too.

Where to buy Chevelo Shampoo? Our recommendation

Chevelo Shampoo is an unusual product. It does not use traditional forms of marketing, it is not visible on TV or on billboards. Its advertising is high quality and recommendations of people who have used it and are still using it. That is why you can get it mainly on websites. It is optimal to use the offer posted directly by the manufacturer on the official website .

Unfortunately, the product has cheaper counterfeits. Most often they are offered at much lower, encouraging prices on various websites and posts on social-media. You have to be careful not to fall victim to fraud. They differ significantly in quality. Purchasing directly from the manufacturer eliminates such a risk and guarantees the desired operation and safety. There are two options to choose from: small 100ml pack and large 200ml pack. The choice is an individual matter. Experience shows, however, that people who have reached for Chevelo Shampoo order it again and use it continuously.

Why is it worth choosing Chevelo Shampoo? Our opinion

It is effective, works in a wide range and allows you to quickly get rid of such unpleasant ailments as hair loss and breaking. You can use it every day. It will make the hairstyle your great asset. It improves the beauty. Don’t wait, order today! Check it out!

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